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Nov 15, 2019

Coke County residents celebrate new wind energy source at blade signing ceremony

Fox West Texas | November 15, 2019

Aviator Wind joined Facebook and McDonald’s to host a blade signing event to celebrate a new wind facility in Coke County.

COKE COUNTY, Texas — Aviator Wind started construction October in Coke County on the largest single-phase, single-site wind facility in the United States. Apex Clean Energy teamed up with Facebook and McDonald’s to bring the new million-dollar energy source to West Texas.

“McDonald’s and Facebook have both signed power purchase agreement in support of this project. To make sure that this project comes to fruition,” Faith Tyler, Apex Clean Energy, said.

The wind plant will bring $39 million to Coke County in the next 25 years, along with numerous employment opportunities.

“Over the life of the project over 100 million will be invested in Coke County in Robert Lee, Water Valley ISD and landowners as well,” Tyler said.

Coke County residents were invited to the event to celebrate the 525 megawatt project.

“Coke County had a excellence wind resource and available transmission in the area and also high community support from the ISD, local officials, and our land owners,” Tyler said.

According to Tyler, Texas is the largest supporter of wind energy in the nation and continues to lead the way in clean energy.

“The revenue is important for this community, but also to accelerate to the shift to clean energy in the united states is very important,” Tyler said.