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Our Members

Members of The Advanced Power Alliance represent a diverse cross-section of the world’s leading energy companies, energy investors, energy consumers, and energy advocates.

Please visit our members’ websites for more information about their companies and their work:

8 Minute AWEADuke EnergyEPE – Electric Power EngineersMAPRWEVestas
Able Grid BlackRockEDF EnergyExelonNextEra EnergyScout Clean Energy
AESBlattner EnergyEDP RenewablesGE RenewablesNovatus EnergySempra Energy
AlleteBP Wind Energy EnelGoogleOlsson & AssociatesSiemens
Apex Clean EnergyCapital PowerEngieGrand River Dam AuthorityOrsted EnergySouthern Company
Avangrid RenewablesClearway EnergyEcoplexusMacquarie CapitalPattern EnergyTerraform Power