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Solar Energy Facts

Texas has a growing solar presence

According to TREIA, “Solar Energy is About To Light Up Texas.”

“… the solar industry is about to take the state by sunny storm.  From a base of approximately 2,000 MW today, solar is forecasted to climb to 8,200 MW by 2025.  Solar is significant enough that ERCOT has already implemented solar forecasting.”

“Texas has a substantial solar resource, with irradiance especially high in the western side of the state.  It ranks 6th among states, with an average solar capacity factor of about 21.7%.”

According to “The Economic Value of Renewable Energy to Texas” Report, “With the emergence of cost-competitive solar generation, Texas has also become a leader in renewable energy is positioned to continue to be an energy leader well into the 21st Century.”

Additionally, “… the far western part of the state – which has the best solar resources – is now seeing multi-decade solar lease contracts appearing, indicating that transmission capacity will enable solar generation growth as well.”

“The footprint of renewable generation continues to grow. In tax year 2017, there were 23 active commercial solar projects and 26 more solar projects projected to be completely online in the next two years.”

In 2017, $33 million in taxes were paid to local Texas jurisdictions by solar projects. And that number has been steadily climbing each year.

The growth of renewable energy production in Texas has inevitably led to rising levels of related employment in the state. The Solar Foundation, meanwhile, conducts the Solar Census on an annual basis. Texas’ 2017 employment across the solar industry is given at just under 8,900.